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Adventures - ideas / feedback.

Ok, I don't want to give too much away here...

I'm currently writing an adventure, but instead of the usual pre-statted linear we are all used to, I want to try something a little different.

The idea, is an investagative style of adventure, piece the clues together, find the people you want to talk to, etc etc.

Now, as the players can pretty much go off on whatever tangent they desire, I cannot pre-stat encounters. So, what I'm thinking of, its using a two way radio set to communicate with a monster ref, who then stats up the encounters on the fly...

I'm throwing this idea around at the moment, trying to think of ways in which it might not work well, and then designing the problems out, has anyone tried this before? if so, do you have any pointers.

Justin (aka the 'Elven Templar Bloke' whose name no one can remember... :-p )
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