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Summerfest Norham Herald

Just a quick note in case any of you read this more often than the saintserver boards that Glenn and I are planning to put together an issue of the Norham Herald in time for Summerfest

Glenn has posted all about it although I'm also looking for illustrations - especially borders and article breaks - if you're interested leave a comment.

You can pm articles to me from the F&H noticeboards or email me them - you can find my email address by clicking my name at the bottom of my work website
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Hmm. I could do an IC rant on the decline of modern Ithronian society, what with there being all too many blinkered religious fanatics, insubordinate peasants, and people with the bizarre idea that they're as good as the next man...

But, to be honest, the sort of people who need to be told this aren't the sort of people who're worth bothering to talk to ;-)

Are you coming to Summerfest, by the way?

I'm gradually formulating plans to make the Bar my own private kingdom, merging IC and OOC roles. I could let the knights, nobles and non-Traldan priests in the saloon bar, other semi-presentable people in the public bar, and stick a haybale or two outside for the oiks :-) Steal some camp monsters to be bouncers to ensure proper decorum, and Bob's your uncle :-D

I reckon I could get some pretty big donations to a certain shrine PDQ. I'd certainly never need to go outside to get fun RP - or indeed dare to... :-D
Are you coming to Summerfest, by the way?

Well we'd have to actually join first - although I have got as far as printing out the membership forms...

I think the answer is probably not, what with all the house stuff going on at the moment, but we are still considering it.
I thought you were some sort of bizarre life membery thing. Or am I thinking of Taruithorn/OAS?

Anyway, it's only Barnsley. That's what, half an hour up the M1? You could commute :-)
I think F&H has life members (not sure) but I'm not one of them. I've not been a member for a couple of years but I get the impression I'm allowed to get away with it on the understanding that I don't actually adventure and thereby jeopardise the insurance and that I continue to produce the Norham Herald until such time as someone else wants to.

Barnsley eh? Might have a word with Bill about the getting of acts together...
The in-laws have agreed to baby-sit so membership forms went to Graham and Summerfest forms to Woody last night.
Why not just ask the organizers for an IC budget and hire some PCs as bouncers?
Ooh, now there's a plan... :-D